Four Types of NannyCams

There are four basic types of nanny cams on the market. Knowing what they are will help you make the best decision about how to go about protecting your family. Your needs will vary depending upon the budget you have at your disposal, the size of your home, and whether or not you feel it’s necessary to watch your nanny in real time. There are certainly some nanny cams with night vision but if you’re coming home at 4:00 every afternoon there’s no need to get one of them.


The first type of nanny cam is a called an “all-in-one” or a self-contained nanny cam. These nanny cams have to be plugged into the wall so they often take the form of clocks, which can be inconspicuously placed near any plug in the house and left to go. The all-in-one spy camera will have its own internal recording which makes the thing extremely attractive. Why? Because “installation” consists of putting the camera on a table and plugging the plug into the wall. The camera will begin recording immediately.

Some all-in-one cameras might let you futz with the times these go off and on, or they might have a motion detection option which tells them to record only when there is movement. Some of these also have body heat options. As you have a limited amount of recording space it might not be ideal to record 24/7. It’s just something to think about. You should also think about the fact that nannies are perfectly capable of looking on the internet to see what’s available too. An unscrupulous nanny could “accidentally” unplug the clock or otherwise tamper with it without a second thought. They’re easy to find and easy to disable with no special knowledge whatsoever.

Internet Nanny Cams

The next type are wireless internet nanny cams. These cams are popular because they allow you to view your nanny’s actions over the internet in real time. Wireless cameras can be perfect because you can usually deploy and hide them with a far greater amount of flexibility than anything requiring a plug might offer. Being able to see your baby at any hour of the day is more than a bit of a plus as well, though you might find yourself watching Kiddo TV more than you’re working under these circumstances. “Kiddo TV” is also extremely susceptible to hackers unless you take some specific precautions.

The bad thing about wireless is it is very prone to interference and it’s not hard to interfere. Just bring in any wireless phone that’s on the same frequency and you might start experiencing problems. On top of that, unless the camera is meant to go with your network set up it could begin fighting with the network already in your home, which means not only will you experience problems with your cameras you’ll be experiencing problems with the net as well.

Wired Nanny Cams

A wired spy cam eliminates the problem of interference but are probably the most difficult to conceal. These, too, need wires and cords, often to a greater degree. While the self-contained camera has its own recording device and the internet camera just uses the internet, a wired spy cam needs a recording device of its own. These are usually not included and they’re usually not all that cheap.

On the other hand if you’re looking for a general monitoring system that will also take care of exterior threats to your home and you live in a permanent home, this might be the perfect solution for you. These are certainly the most stable and tamper-proof of all of the cameras that are offered on the market today, and that alone makes giving them some serious thought a good idea.

Hidden cameras

Finally you have these little wireless cameras put in pens and things. They aren’t necessarily internet cameras; some of them just broadcast direct to a DVD. I honestly cannot imagine what possible use these things would have. You can’t take them to a daycare to do your spying because it has to be 700 feet from a receiver. You can’t watch it through the internet yet you’re looking at all the possibilities of interference that you were staring down the barrel of before. As they seem to be featured primarily in Bondesque pens, sunglasses, neckties, and watches their only true function seems to be to make the owner of the camera feel clever.

Never in a million years would I recommend a security system that is as easily moved and tampered with as a hidden spy camera in a ball point pen. This is a toy, not a serious way to protect your child. Never compare the two. Even the websites selling you will tell you that these are for the “hobbyist,” or professional investigator. I’m not sure what you’re recording from a secret pen as a hobby but chances are you should probably cut it out. If a camera is not contributing, directly, to someone’s safety and welfare it’s nothing more than a crass voyeuristic tool that ought to be put aside immediately.

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