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Spy Equipment is now available to everyone. Gone are the days when it was considered a luxury item reserved for affluent and Government budgets. A majority of people understand what Spy Camera’s are for, in fact, most of us are accustomed to the fact we’re being watched. Government agencies watch the public. Employers watch their work force. Shops watch their customers. However, it’s not just them watching us anymore, now we can watch them too! This is an incredible tool for anyone who’s wanting to make sure their home is safe from intruders, or just to check up one your homestead from any location that has a computer and an internet connection. As easy as VOIP or IM, you can link yourself to your house via the webcam and make sure all is well within your home. This is a vital purchase for anyone and if you don’t trust cloud service – no problem, classic home security is always available for reasonable cost.. It’s also a good way of keeping track of a location being monitored by the webcam for different purposes, from baby monitoring to keeping track of a greenhouse. The range of webcams compatible with the software is large and this makes it convenient as you can use a webcam you may already own, rather than spending your money on a new model. We hope this high-tech system becomes part of your home security. How To Make a Spy Camera isn’t exactly rocket science. In fact, they can be put together using the kind of electronic equipment and tools you probably have lying around. With a Spy Cam you can keep an eye on the kids, the nanny, your partner, even your flatmate! Not to mention your psycho manager at work, and nobody need ever know! Although respecting people’s privacy is always advisable, no, in fact it’s, the law, and breaking the law’s not a good idea. So stay out of private rooms, like bathrooms and bedrooms. Check out the laws in your state, before you get fired or end up in jail!

Why Make Your Own?

No more thinking about what MIGHT be going on while your away. With one of these at your disposal, you will KNOW exactly what’s going on. Spy Cameras can be purchased easily, and they’re nowhere near as expensive as they used to be. However, when comparing prices of ‘ready made’, with making your own, they are more expensive. A lot of ‘techies’ make their own, simply because they want to. But you don’t have to be ‘Techno Head’ to feel the URGE to build one! What you need the most is the inclination, the patience, and a reasonable amount of tech savvy to get it right. Not forgetting, the free time! .

Getting Started

A USB Web Cam can be used to make a Spy Camera, and as you know, they can be picked up for around ten dollars. Big economy, big plus! If it’s you first time, using the one you’ve had in the drawer for the last 5yrs is probably the sensible option. You’ll find a variety of great ideas on the net, as to how a Spy Cam could be disguised. But all those ideas begin in the same place, the USB Web Cam. You will find hundreds of web resources, giving specific, step by step instructions. Some, more interesting than others. But the one thing they all have in common? The first step is to strip that USB Web Cam right down to it’s circuits!


There’s tonnes of tutorials showing how to build a spy camera, and some of them are pretty inventive when it comes to disguise. But remember, the whole point of a Spy Camera is to, well, SPY! So how you disguise it is VERY important. If you don’t have any teddy bears around, and one suddenly appears, will it raise suspicion? There’s no point disguising it as a can of soup either, then putting it on top of the telly! In addition, whatever you disguise it as will have a cable coming out of it. If the object doesn’t look right with a cable, it will probably stand out like a sore thumb. A Spy Camera that doesn’t blend in, isn’t a Spy Camera! But that said, if you get smart, and get inventive, you can succeed in your ‘covert mission’!

Hands Off!

Another thing to remember, whatever it’s disguise, you don’t ACTUALLY want anyone touching it, because that will lead to discovery. Something fairly mundane and non-useful is probably your best bet. If that cute teddy looks too inviting, who’s to say young ‘Farquhar’ isn’t going to take him up for a few rounds of military practice in the garden? That’s all you need! Hey! Babysitter, can you take out the wire on this teddy? You’re done… In the same light, what’s that can of soup doing on top of the book shelf? And what’s that wire doing hanging out the back of it? The less useful the object, the better the disguise. You don’t want people paying attention to your new Spy Cam, it’ll ruin all your fun!


If pulling a USB Webcam apart seems like a tricky business, you could always buy a Spy Camera Kit. Okay, this might seem like all the challenge has been taken out of it, but it’s a great way for spam handed beginners to get a look in! And everyone has to start somewhere. To my mind, it’s not about your ability to strip a camera that makes a Spy Cam good, it’s how you disguise it that counts.. Cue music and get ‘tricksy’, that’s where the action is! Plus, most of the USB Web Cams are wired, this way, you can expand your horizons with a wireless model. Imagine what you could get up to with one of these! Gone are problems with wired teddies and can’s of soup!

The Downside?

How To Make A Spy Camera is like How To Bake A Cake. Theoretically, you have all the instructions and physically, you have all the ingredients. However, when you put them together, all you get is a recipe for disaster. Despite your best efforts, and close attention to detail, your Camera may not work. Or, the quality of the images is so poor, it might as well not work! One of the most common problems for this? Incompatibility of components. And the biggest downside? Zero technical support and your warranty died the minute you took the screwdriver out. But hey, you’ll still have fun!

Joking Aside

It’s easy to understand why so many people are buying Spy Cameras, they’ve been of great practical use to businesses and parents alike. Being able to ‘keep an eye on things’ has given many people valuable peace of mind, and that’s definitely not a bad thing. All joking aside, building your own Spy Cam is a great way to test the water, without having to fork out unnecessary cash for the privilege. It will also give you much insight, as to their possibilities, their limitations and indeed, their usefulness to you. How To Make A Spy Camera is the fun part. How you put it to use is the important part.

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