Are Nanny Cams Legal? – What You Need To Know

Many parents consider using Nanny Cams, and there are many good reasons why. Their use of has received much media coverage of late. Unfortunately, too many incidences of child abuse, both physical and metal, have been revealed by hidden Cams. Most certainly, provoking concern amongst those employing carers for their children. But monitoring isn’t just about knowing whether your Nanny physically abuses a child, it’s also about knowing good communication exists between them. Of course, we try to talk to our kids, but as we know, kids don’t always speak up, especially if they’re afraid. It’s in your interest, and the welfare of your child, to avoid problems before they develop. Most experts agree, it is best to install nanny Cams BEFORE you expect abuse. Most parents understand the benefits of monitoring, but Are Nanny Cams Legal? To answer that question, there are certain ‘legalities’, and ‘ethical issues’ which need to be considered.

Visible Monitoring

Parents should be able to monitor the interaction between their child and their Nanny. Why not? Employees are monitored in many work environments, show me a public space, and I’ll show you a camera. So, Are Nanny Cams Legal? Visible Cams which do NOT record sound most certainly are, when they’re placed in general living areas of the home, for instance, the kitchen. Like anyone, Nannies have a right to privacy, however, you ALSO have a right to know your child’s safe. Federal Laws do state, cameras may not be used in places where someone is entitled to ‘expect privacy’. Outside the home, that would include bathrooms, tanning salons, locker and hotel rooms. Without doubt, you would be breaking the law by installing monitoring equipment in bathrooms. If your Nanny’s a ‘live in’ it would also be dubious to monitor her bedroom.. Ethically, not just legally, your Nanny is within her rights to expect privacy in her own bedroom, and most certainly, in the bathroom.

Listening In

Any Nanny Cam which also records sound must be compliant with the Federal & State Laws. It the following states, you must gain the consent of ALL those being recorded: Washington, Montana, Florida, Nevada, California, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Illinois, Hawaii, Oregon, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Delaware and Louisiana. As the parent, it’s usually okay for you to give permission on behalf of your child. You will need to check out your particular state’s ‘wiretapping & eavesdropping laws’. Safety and peace of mind, in your own home, is a right, but if you invite somebody into the home, they also have rights. It’s best to inform a new Nanny they will be monitored, this will help to install trust and respect from the start. If the system listens in, it could be a legal requirement to gain their permission, and if that is the case, do so. If you’re honest and direct, you can avoid hurting peoples feelings later on. Most Nannies are fine with this, if they’re not, certainly, you should ask yourself, and them, why not? You’re not ‘spying’ on them, you’re monitoring YOUR home, and YOUR child.

Covert, Hidden Cameras

As we know, monitoring can be covert, in which case, the Nanny is not aware they’re being watched. There’s a huge selection of covert Nanny Cams on the market, many of them wireless, so they can be hidden just about anywhere. From a cuddly toy to the Yucca plant in the dining room. It may seem like something out of ‘mission impossible’, and you might be wondering, Are Nanny Cams Legal, of this kind? Once again, as long as you’re not infringing on their personal rights to privacy, yes. With regards to surveillance in general, the laws are trying to help businesses, industry, homeowners and parents, protect their property and the one’s they love. In the same instance, remember, those being monitored are also entitled to being protected. Video Surveillance is used within society for all manner of reasons, however, the market does reveal, monitoring child care providers is one of the most common. Many parents consider Nanny Cams essential, with more and more people looking into covert systems every day. However, before you make up your mind, you might want to consider the following..

To Tell, Or Not To Tell?

Many people ask the question, Are Nanny Cams Legal? The answer is, hidden or no, if you respect the laws, yes, absolutely, they are. If you believe your child’s in danger, it would be reasonable to assume you don’t wish to warn the Nanny of their existence, and you are completely within your rights to do so. But in most instances, letting them know they’re being monitored shouldn’t seem so unfair, and it isn’t essential to tell the Nanny where they’re located. However, you should assure them, their own personal privacy is being respected. It’s legal to monitor covertly without informing her, and so ultimately, it is your own personal ethics that will decide. Research does show, most Nannies are not against monitoring, so much as against NOT knowing they are being monitored. Another point, you may find yourself an excellent Nanny and destroy a very good relationship later on, if you do not inform them from the off.. Too many secrets do not bode well for good communication. If a child care provider declines a position solely due to the fact there’s a monitoring system in place, it’s probably in everyone’s interest they had that chance.

What Cams?

Nanny Cams are being used more and more in Day Care Centres, so their popularity is not just widening within private homes. In some facilities, parents can watch their child in ’real time’, by accessing via the internet. Most definitely, a great comfort to many. There are many different systems available, a basic model can be purchased for around $100, that’s a lot of peace of mind, for a relatively small outlay. Nanny Cams is an expression used to describe many types of surveillance cameras, and they can be used for a myriad of reasons. Basic models are fairly easy to acquire, and pricing will depend on how advanced the equipment might be. Which equipment you require, will also depend on your own ethical, and practical conclusions.

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