18 Things To Do for your Cat before going on Vacation


  • Hire a petsitter to come every day. Make sure she gets the key before you leave. Ask her to spend some time playing with the cat. Cats do get lonely.
  • Request daily email reports from your petsitter. This way you will know if something happens to petsitter (no emails). Make sure the petsitter has your phone number in case of emergency.
  • Give a spare key to a friend. If petsitter does not show up for a couple of days – you will give your friend a call and ask for a favor.
  • Block all doors partially open. Stack a towel, pillow or trash can to prevent doors from closing. While playing chase cat can close the door by accident. Cat will have horrible experience if locked in a room, not to mention the mess with no litter box.
  • Setup at least 2 water dispensers. Regular water bowls evaporate too fast and you want a backup if one gets knocked over while cat plays. Dispenser should be large enough to last through your whole vacation. Even if something happens to petsitter your cat will survive if she has enough water.
  • Leave a bowl of dry food she does not particularly like hidden somewhere. The cat will ignore it till nothing else is available. This will be emergency snack if something happens to petsitter.
  • Setup a webcam motion activated monitoring next to the water and litter box. You will have visual confirmation that you cat is fine. Use motion detection. It will take you less then 5 min to review full day of cat’s activity. If your cat drinks and poops – you know she is fine . You will also see how often petsitter changes food/water and cleans litter box.


  • Remove plants if possible. Most house plants are toxic for cats if chewed on or ingested.
  • Unplug all electrical cords cat can reach. Remove light bulbs from any lamp that she might knock over.
  • Turn off your water and leave a jug of spring water for your petsitter to use.
  • Post vet information on the refrigerator. Give petsitter a written authorization to use up to few hundred $$ for a vet visit or leave emergency cash.
  • Make sure you home is properly insulated and all of your windows and door are new and secure with the help of All Professional roofing . If you have older windows and doors your cat might be able to get out while you are gone.


  • Leave couple of unwashed t-shirts on the bed. Your scent will keep cat happy.
  • Leave couple lights on (one in hallway, small light in the living room)
  • Leave most blinds up. She will need entertainment – and there is always something interesting outside.
  • Setup a bird feeder next to her favorite window. Not too close, 10 feet from the window is fine.
  • In winter set heat on at least 60F. I would set 70F for older cats or if you go away for more then a week. If you have a spoiled cat – get an oil-filled portable radiator for her favorite room (usually your bedroom). Set it to 75F.
  • In summer you will need to make a “cool room”. Pick one that does not face south and close all blinds. This will be a chill out spot for her.
  • Leave radio on (low volume). Tune on talk show or news radio. Human voices will calm the cat down and the outside noise would not bother her as much.
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